We are environmentally aware and are proactive in finding alternatives that respect our world. 


All our wrappings and packaging can be reused, recycled or is biodegradable. 


We offer a range of floral arrangements that are created using a ‘No Floral Foam’ Technique or created with OASIS® Biodegradable Floral Foam.


Our ‘Posy Jars/Vases’ can be returned, reused, repurposed or recycled.


Our ‘Posy Jar/Vase’ refill or return option provides clients with a discount off their next/future order if ‘Posy Jars/Vases’ are refilled or returned.


All of our returned  ‘Posy Jars/Vases’ are checked, washed and sterilised before being reused.


Clients are able to provide their own vases to be arranged with flowers and foliage.


We are committed to using seasonal British flowers when they are available.


We are passionate about buying flowers from other countries like Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia as doing so supports flower growers, pickers, packers and their families providing them with a much needed income. 

Many of the flower farm owners provide money to develop schools to enable children to have an education.

We love to buy Dutch flowers as they are exceptional quality and truly beautiful!


We strive to organise our deliveries in routes to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our ‘Flower Studio’ is based in the Hart District, Hampshire, we work closely with ‘Plastic Free Hart’ to continue to monitor/reduce our company’s single use plastics. We have completed our accreditation and await our certification.